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Welcome to MIP Product Research! Our goal is to provide the best user experience possible, and we can’t do that without you. You help us shape the direction of our products by providing feedback through usability studies, quick surveys, interviews, and more. Check out this page for updates and news on what is going on with MIP.

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  • “I value the opportunity.” –Administrative Training Specialist
  • “It’s great seeing what’s coming up in the pipeline.” –Regional Manager
  • “It was great! It is awesome that you ask us for feedback!”  –Graphic Designer
  • “I like this one-on-one where I can actually experience it and try it out.”  –Accounts Payable Clerk
  • “I like it when I’m involved in these things. I feel like my little two cents matter.” –CFO
  • “I would be excited to participate again!”  –Developer
  • “I liked it! It’s good to see what’s coming and provide constructive input.”  –Senior Database Specialist
  • “It feels like somebody is listening to me.” –Operations Director   


Before we build anything, we need to truly understand how and where it might be used. You are able to provide recurring feedback on specific topics. We start with interviews and end with a prototyped solution. Get involved early and watch our designs take shape based on the feedback you are giving.

Usability Studies

These are one-on-one interviews where you perform certain tasks in the software while our team observes and asks questions.These exercises help us identify ways we can make the software easier to use. At the same time it allows us to evaluate if the product is meeting your needs in the most efficient way possible.

General User Research

In addition to Discovery & Usability, our teams often have quick questions or ideas that we want to run by you. Keeping open communications with our customers helps us to stay on track and provide you with the tools that you need. Join in for surveys and other research options to have your voice heard.

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