Disaster Recovery Hosting


Unfortunately, weather disasters do happen. We want to help you through anything that comes your way. In the event that your organization faces a natural or unexpected disaster, we will offer assistance to get you up and running.

For natural or unexpected disaster, that you expect to be back to normal operations within 4-weeks, we will help get you installed on our hosted systems and operational at no charge until you are able to resume normal operations.

We allow access to our ASP implementation of the most recent versions of MIP Fund Accounting, Fundraising 50 and Millennium software. If you have a disaster, by using this system, your users will be able to work remotely until your normal operations resume.

Actions You Need To Take When Disaster Strikes:

  1. Fill out the “Request Hosting” form below to let us know you have an emergency. (All customers are automatically eligible for this service; there is no need to pre-register.)
  2. Provide us with a backup of your current MIP Fund Accounting, Fundraising 50 or Grant Management database for us to load into the system.
  3. Obtain access to a PC with Windows 7 SP1 Professional edition or greater, Windows 8.1 Standard edition or greater, or Windows 10 Standard edition or greater.
  4. Provide us with a list of users who need access remotely.

For pandemics or shut downs in your local area, where you expect to be hosted for greater than 4 weeks, we can still help your organization move to our cloud environment. It will require an adjustment to your current agreement with Community Brands, but it only takes a few easy steps. Please click here and fill-in the form, your Customer Account Manager or Partner will contact you within 24-hours.

It is our hope that you never need us to provide this service, but in the event that you do, we are here to help.

You can also contact us at 800-945-3278.