Abila Fundraising Online Help

Welcome to the Abila Fundraising Online Help page. Here you’ll find a comprehensive library of support videos to help you get the most out of Abila Fundraising Online (AFO).

Creating Campaigns

  • Campaign Overview – Learn about Campaigns and how you can use them in your system.
  • Campaign List – Learn about the Campaign List and how to Copy, Export, Hide, and Remove a campaign from your Campaign List.
  • Campaign Copy vs. Campaign Export – Learn the differences between Campaign Copy and Campaign Export and when to use each.

Using the Campaign Wizard

  • Overview – Learn about the different types of campaigns that you can set up using the Campaign Wizard.
  • Basic Fundraising – Learn how to use the Campaign Wizard to create a Basic Fundraising Campaign.
  • Basic Event Registration – Learn how to use the Campaign Wizard to create a Basic Event Registration Campaign.
  • Peer-to Peer Fundraising – Learn how to use the Campaign Wizard to create a Peer-to-Peer (Advocacy) Fundraising Campaign.
  • Event Fundraising – Learn how to use the Campaign Wizard to create an Event Fundraising Campaign – an event with peer-to-peer (advocacy) tied to it.

Creating Donation Forms

  • Create a New Donation Form – Learn two ways to create a donation form in Abila Fundraising Online.
  • Quick Config for Forms – Learn how to use Quick Config to configure the most important elements on your form.
  • Form Details – Learn how to configure more advanced areas on your form by using the Form Details tab.
  • Donation Levels – Learn about advanced Donation Level elements and how to configure them.
  • Form Questions – Learn about Local, Global, and Template Form Questions, and how to use them.
  • Question Types – Learn about the different Question Types you can use when creating your forms.
  • Confirmation Messages – Learn how to configure Confirmation Messages.
  • Form Display – Learn about the different display formats and elements that you can apply to your form.

Creating Registration Forms

Using Widgets

  • Widgets – Discover Widgets and learn about where and why you would use them.

Creating Reports

  • Report Overview – Get a quick overview and tour of the Reporting component of AFO.
  • Report Types – Learn about the different Report Types in AFO.
  • Form Answers – Learn how to create, edit, and save a Form Answers Report.
  • Transaction Report – Learn how to create and edit a Form Transaction Report.
  • Payment Schedule Report – Learn how to create and edit a Payment Schedule Report.
  • Advocacy Report – Learn how to set up an Advocacy Report – the report you would use if you are setting up a Peer-to-Peer (Advocacy) Fundraising Campaign.

Managing Passwords and Permissions

FAQ Videos

  • Search – Learn how to use the Search capability in the Admin Panel. Search capability is helpful for customer service issues.
  • Email Resend – Learn how to use the Email Resend feature. Email Resend is helpful when a donor or registrant needs an email confirmation to be resent.
  • Refund / Cancel Registration – Learn how to cancel or refund a transaction.