Abila and Avectra, an Abila Company, take the time to get to know you, your organization, and your constituents, as well as your daily and long-term challenges. In order to best help and support you, we never stop looking for ways to improve your software user experience.

We strive to help nonprofit and member-based organizations, and government agencies, improve processes and business efficiency while ensuring that you learn from every interaction with us. We seek to remove complexity, provide clarity, and give you the best possible support experience so that your staff can work efficiently and focus on what’s really important – your mission.

Support Center

State, local, and tribal governments face many challenges including managing multiple programs, meeting complex reporting requirements, and efficiently governing the will of the people.


We are dedicated to helping higher education institutions provide a thriving environment of academic excellence for existing students, recent graduates and proud alumni.


Serving members of their faith and healing the emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds of those in need, faith-based organizations have many challenges in accomplishing their missions.

Disaster Recovery Hosting

Giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves, every animal welfare organization has many challenges in accomplishing its mission.


Arts, culture, and humanities organizations have many challenges while trying to accomplish their missions. Managing a fundraising campaign or keeping track of funds shouldn’t be one of those challenges.