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Community Brands is dedicated to providing the people and services needed to help you achieve your online learning goals. From live webinar assistance to content management guidance, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Here’s a quick rundown of the professional services we offer:


Are you looking to take the steps towards delivering a live webinar, but are unsure of what to do next? Community Brands is here to put you on the right path! We offer the products to help you reach your learners and the management services to guide you along the way.


Upon scheduling an event on our platform, Abila Freestone™ Learning Management System, we will pair you with an Account Director from our Client Services team. Your Account Director will provide personalized assistance at every turn, so you can successfully execute your events.


  • Speaker training sessions
  • Sandbox environments for speakers to practice using MyFreestone™
  • A dedicated Account Director
  • Best practice recommendations for interactivity and engagement in online learning
  • Professionally trained event moderators
  • Teleconference, audio broadcast, and recording management
  • Full tech support around the clock


  • Fully-branded registration portal, mirrored to your own website
  • Secure payment processing for fee-based events
  • Unique links to the registration page for webinar marketing analysis
  • Automated confirmation/notification emails to your event registrants
  • Access to MyFreestone™, our premier online learning management tool
  • Reporting mechanisms that monitor registration data, attendance, polling results, Q&A logs, test results, and more
  • Pre-event access to handouts and resources for attendees
  • Phone call confirmations the day before your live events


  • Custom designed and branded archive library for hosting and selling webinar recordings
  • Synchronized recordings
  • Posted on-demand recordings within one business day of the completion of your web event
  • Secure credit card processing for sales


The Freestone™ Webcasting Platform allows you to easily reach users across the world. Whether you’re broadcasting from your annual conference, a one-day seminar, or your own office, live webcasting is the most efficient way to distribute real-time, high-quality content. Have questions about webcasting? Our team will help determine, set up, and even acquire the best gear for your webcasting needs.



  • Send a live video stream of your presenters to make your virtual audience members feel like they’re in the room
  • Allow the audience to view a presenter’s real-time clicks through a slide presentation
  • Encourage interactivity by allowing the virtual audience to live-Tweet, view materials, keep notes in Evernote™, and much more
  • Offer real-time polling questions and surveys
  • Utilize interface and SMS text Q&A features
  • Conduct a live chat with your virtual audience during the webcast


Anyone in your virtual audience who has access to the internet will be able to attend your events. We’ve made our technology so flexible that Macs, PCs, and iOS and Android devices can access your events with no downloading necessary!


The design of your Freestone™ Webcasting Platform User Interface is also completely customizable. You can choose the design theme and branding, along with the interactivity tools available to learners.

  • Design the platform to match your organization’s branding style
  • Choose the interactivity tools to use during live presentations
  • Select terminology to reflect the personality of your organization


The Freestone™ Webcasting Platform offers the ability to administer your live continuing education curriculum. You can monitor attendee activity using varying tools like:

  • Quizzes to gauge your learners’ understanding of content
  • End-of-program evaluations that provide feedback on the webinar technology, content, presenters, and more
  • Online classrooms to give your learners a place to keep track of their progress
  • Downloadable, customizable completion certificates


Community Brands has been recording conferences for over a decade and offers a proven track record of high quality products and satisfied customers.



Community Brands offers a full spectrum of video production services for your conferences or in-person events. Video production options available include:

  • Single camera, digital quality recording
  • Single camera, broadcast quality recording
  • Multi-camera taped, edited in post-production


Broadcasting in-person events is a great way to involve virtual attendees. Our interface is designed with participation strategy in mind. Here are some of the features available for your attendees:

  • An advanced interface
  • Slide syncing
  • Interactive question submission
  • SMS text to Q&A options
  • Polling
  • Downloadable materials
  • Credit submissions


For faster turnaround, we can digitize and encode your audio and video onsite. At the end of each recorded session, you’ll receive an MP4 or similarly formatted file, ready to be uploaded to your conference portal or website.


Our quality assurance process ensures the highest quality products reach your customers. That’s why every program recorded by our production teams is analyzed. Each QA cycle is logged and archived for later review. If an issue is found, programs are always sent back to our team for review and correction.


Should your event require rapid distribution of content, our teams can be ready at your event to offer immediate onsite editing and full post-production services.

  • Podcast Posting: MP3 audio programs can be edited and purchasable within hours of an event
  • Rebroadcasting: Streaming content can be produced and uploaded to rebroadcast within a few hours
  • Live Webcasting: Real-time streaming allows rapid distribution of knowledge, straight from your event

Have more creative ideas? Our conference multimedia consultants are ready to assist you in creating a conference recording project plan for your event.


Take your news, articles, and messages from static text to engaging, subscription-oriented audio clips. Use podcasts to present all of your content from marketing items to monthly communications or seminar teasers.

  • Podcast program/schedule consultation and development
  • Speaker prep sessions with thorough audio checks
  • Live recording sessions with professional moderators
  • Post-production, including editing, smoothing audio volume, and modifying content
  • Podcast series creation and management, such as specific episode introductions and music overlays
  • Online portal to host on-demand replay and syndication of your podcasts
  • RSS Feed and publishing of your podcast to 20+ podcatchers/aggregators

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