Business Alignment Consultation


When you first implemented Abila netFORUM™, your organization may have been new to using an association management system (AMS). You may have considered netFORUM “just your member database” or been operating with less complexity than you are today.

A Business Alignment Consultation takes you through three key steps:

Business Alignment Consultation
  1. Technical Audit and Inventory – Starting with a deep dive into your customizations and configurations, we will conduct a technical inventory review, an audit of the customizations in your instance, a review of all of your system’s meta-data, and SQL tables. After completing the inventory, we will deliver a full report to your team with our findings and recommendations, and use this information to conduct the next step in our process.
  2. Consultation and Review – Utilizing both onsite and remote meetings, Abila will meet with you to ensure we have a strategic approach to each core team meeting. We’ll facilitate conversations with you and your stakeholders to understand your processes and document current standard operating procedures (SOPs). Our final deliverable will include a review meeting and document with meeting outcomes, documentation of risk areas, possible gaps with baseline approach and core team collaboration findings, as well as recommendations on which customizations to keep, modify or remove.
  3. Gap Analysis – Using the findings in steps 1 and 2, Abila will review areas where enhancements to existing customizations or new customizations might be needed. With this information, we will developed a proposed plan for upgrade, re-implementation or ongoing modifications delivered in a complete summary and recommendation document to you and your team.

The combination of the three steps will provide you with a multifaceted understanding of how you can manage your netFORUM Enterprise system for short- and long-term success, as well as greater internal adoption and alignment.

To find out more details, download the Business Analysis datasheet.

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