Topic: Member Engagement

Join Sig VanDamme, Membership Software Evangelist, Community Brands and Reggie Henry, CIO, ASAE as they take a deep dive into the complete member journey. Attendees will earn 1 CAE credit.

Pricing for education products is all over the map. But pricing is too essential to leave to guesswork. In this session, we look at strategic pricing practices and why you should embrace value-based pricing that focuses on the benefit you deliver to the buyers. We’ll also explore how your education products can be placed on […]

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How much are you expected to increase revenue in 2019? 5, 10 or 15 percent? As leaders, you are responsible for brainstorming ideas on how to meet and exceed these new revenue goals. Luckily, you are not alone and we are here to help! Community Brands partners with over 13,000 associations nonprofits to help meet […]

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Listen to our experts Rich Dietz and Cara Dickerson, as they share a number of ways to fully optimize your next event to maximize your fundraising and better engage your supporters.

How you communicate with your members and show them the value you provide is the top factor members use to determine if they stay or if they go. This guide will tell you how to use content to tell your association’s story.

Join our experts as they share essential strategies for event fundraising and tactics for integrating mobility preferences.

Hear our experts as they walk through online fundraising, giving trends and tools for your organization to leverage when optimizing users’ digital experiences.