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Year-End Survival Guide for the Nonprofit Accountant

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Year-End Survival Guide, Fourth Edition

They may appear calm to the average beachcomber, but nonprofit finance waters can be fraught with peril. Whether you’re being carried away by a fiscal year-end riptide, or prepping for the tsunami of new calendar year tasks, fear not! Like any good lifeguard – we’re constantly patrolling the water’s edge and performing patron surveillance, at the ready to rescue you from the dangers intrinsic to your nonprofit finance management role.

In the fourth edition of our Year-End Survival Guide, we include topics you’ll need to close out your books at the end of the year and prepare for next year, including:

  • Your Budget: Review, Build, Revise, Repeat
  • Closing the Books
  • Preparing Your Annual Report
  • Compliance Awareness
  • Pre-Audit Preparation
  • Strategic Planning for Next Year
  • Human Capital Planning

Plus, you’ll get best practices, helpful tips on topics like FASB and filing your Form 990, and tasks you’ll need to be sure you check off your to-do lists!

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