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The Nonprofit’s Ultimate Guide to Online Fundraising

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Set Up Your Nonprofit for Online Fundraising Success

Nonprofit work is hard enough. Trying to figure out the ins and outs of connecting with your audience, fundraising, and the information and legal protocols can be overwhelming. We can help! The “Ultimate Guide to Online Fundraising” contains articles, real-life examples, worksheets, and more to guide you through the six steps of online fundraising for your nonprofit organization: targeting, appeals, websites, donation forms, thank yous, and follow-up communications. Each chapter is authored by a nonprofit expert, diving into his or her niche specialty and sharing practical recommendations. Included in the guide are:

  • Targeting: The Key to Compelling Content. This shows you how to dive further into who your community is and how to effectively reach them in a way that will connect them to your cause.
  • Appeals: Making a Great Inbox Impression. Once you know who your audience is, how do you create compelling content they will open?
  • Websites: Online Giving’s Home. Your website is the main place your community knows to reach you. Learn how to utilize the latest online tools to draw the user’s attention to what’s important.
  • Forms: Five Fast Fixes for Easier Giving. Get an in-depth guide to maximize donation potential with your forms. Let the experts help you navigate what to include, how to keep it short and relatable, and more.
  • Thank Yous: Say it With Feeling. Make sure your community members know they make an impact. Engaging your donors with your cause and letting them know how they’re helping keeps them passionate and more likely to contribute in the future.
  • Follow-Up: The Golden Ticket for Donor Loyalty. Learn to maximize your follow-up communications and find creative ways to connect with your community.

There are innumerable nonprofits for every cause, which is a good thing. Help yours stand out as a unique, creative, and transparent nonprofit organization with the, “Ultimate Guide to Online Fundraising.” Download today!

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