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Shopping Guide for Learning Management Software

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Must-Have LMS Features for Success

The learning management software (LMS) you choose can mean the difference between a fun, engaging experience for your members and one that’s like the dreaded, outdated, online DMV courses. Don’t make the decision lightly. Allow our shopping guide for learning management software, “The Savvy Association’s Guide to LMS Success,” help you in your search.

In this guide, learn the six “must-haves” for a successful LMS and a happy member experience:

  • Play Nicely With Others: Learn what your LMS needs to integrate with and what to look for when you’re making your choice
  • Dress For the Job You Want: Get help in determining the appearance and member experience of your LMS
  • Be Easy to Learn From: Know what to ask for with LMS functionality and accessibility
  • Be Engaging: Get feedback from your members in a unique and honest way
  • Happy Staff, Happy Members: Making sure your LMS is user-friendly for your staff will ensure the optimization of the software and organization of its content
  • Call Us When You Need a Friend: When wrapping up your research on LMS options, make sure you’ll have the support you need to be successful

Be savvy and ensure your association provides a happy member experience. Select the right LMS!

Download this shopping guide for learning management software, “The Savvy Association’s Guide to LMS Success.” Get helpful checklists and tips for selecting the right learning management system for your association and members.

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