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Shopping Guide for Association Management Software

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Must-Have AMS Features for Success

When you select an association management system (AMS) for your organization, you make an investment in the future of your association. You have members to keep happy, expectations to meet, and a mission to serve. The association management solution you choose will determine if you will have the necessary tools to meet these expectations, engage association members, and drive revenue. You must do your homework to ensure you make the right choice. But where do you start? What association software features will enable your staff to best serve your members?

Download our association software shopping guide to get checklists of essential features to look for when shopping for an association management system. We uncovered four key areas with which your association should be most concerned. Use our checklists to focus on these areas and ensure the association management software vendors with whom you speak understand your members’ and association’s needs. Get these checklists and more when you download our association management software guide:

Association Member Engagement Checklist

Learn which AMS features you need to gain the best view of your membership and offer the best member experiences.

Customization and Configuration Checklist

Just as one size does not fit all for your members, the same goes for your association. See which features you may need to customize and configure within an association management system to meet your association’s needs.

System Integration Checklist

Know how much each association software allows for integrations with other applications. Identify which applications you may need to integrate, such as your learning management system (LMS), and more.

Reporting Checklist

Your AMS should give you the data necessary to help you segment your members for improved targeting efforts. Make sure your association management system provider offers software training to get the most of your investment, and thought leadership on industry best practices to help reach your association’s full potential. Refer to this list for key areas to learn best practices such as engagement scoring, data segmentation, and more.

Download our association management software shopping guide now to get these checklists and more.

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