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Saying Yes to Grant Funding

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If your nonprofit is like most, it receives grants as a source of revenue. They’re critical for your mission, but carry with them a high burden of monitoring and accountability. Proper allocation, tracking, and reporting are essential to ensure your organization receives ongoing funding.

Trying to manage all this on spreadsheets can put your future funding at risk. What if you have to turn down grant money because you don’t have a system in place to manage the increased accounting burden? Don’t lose out! See if the issues below sound familiar:

  • Multiple grants or grants spanning multiple years are too complex and difficult to track
  • You’ve been challenged by a funder or auditor about a grant
  • Manual controls can’t keep up with complexities and reporting is cumbersome
  • You’ve accepted government grants, but compliance failures put your organization at risk

If managing grants is key to your success, true fund accounting™ software is essential to your nonprofit. Read our short whitepaper, “Saying Yes to Grant Funding,” and find out how a segmented account structure means you can track every grant down to the penny, and customize your reports to meet the requirements of each grantor.

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