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Purchasing Accounting Software for Your Nonprofit

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Your Guide to Finding the Best Nonprofit Accounting Solution

Choosing accounting software for your nonprofit doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Get guidance to help you think through all aspects of the decision. Download, “A Guide for Purchasing Nonprofit and Fund Accounting Solutions,” to assist you in the evaluation of your nonprofit organization’s accounting needs and the selection of a nonprofit software system that best meets them.

In, “A Guide for Purchasing Nonprofit and Fund Accounting Solutions,” we cover topics like:

  • Your nonprofit’s organizational needs assessment (Do you need a new accounting system?)
  • How to search for the right nonprofit accounting solution
  • Is accounting in the cloud right for my nonprofit organization?
  • Investment considerations
  • Tips for converting successfully to a new nonprofit accounting solution
  • Technology considerations
  • Nonprofit accounting software evaluation criteria and search tips

A strong nonprofit fund accounting solution can help you make better financial decisions for your organization, so you can ensure mission productivity. Download your guide today!

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