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Nonprofit Fundraising: 12 Must-Knows About Your Donors

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Crucial Data to Track in Fundraising CRM and Donor Management Systems

Some 80 percent of nonprofit professionals who responded to our Donor Engagement Study report using the dollar amount a donor gives to their nonprofit as the primary – and often the only – data point around which to plan and execute donor communication and fundraising campaigns. This presents a large problem for nonprofits, as today’s nonprofit supporters are increasingly expecting a whole lot more from nonprofits than they did just a decade ago. Using one data point to target many donors widens the gap between donors’ expectations and the nonprofit organization.

So, what donor data does your nonprofit organization need to track? You might think having everything from last gift given to T-shirt size is the right approach. However, unactionable data can clog your donor database, making it harder to uncover the really useful information.

In this whitepaper, we provide the list of a dozen data points all nonprofit fundraisers need to know about their donors for raising funds effectively and efficiently. Capture this information in one centralized system, like a nonprofit fundraising constituent relationship management (CRM) system or donor database.

Get these dozen data points, plus:

  • Ways to segment donors across your nonprofit fundraising CRM or donor database
  • Tips for targeting these donor segments with online fundraising
  • Product spotlights for fundraising CRM and donor management systems
  • Data points you can stop saving in your donor database

Download this whitepaper now for a full list of data points all nonprofit fundraisers need to know about their donors for the most effective and efficient fundraising.

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