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Nonprofit Financial Audit Pocket Guide

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Your Guidebook for a Better Before, During, and After Audit Experience

The word “audit” may make you want to run for the hills.

And, though the audit team may feel like an encroaching enemy, it’s really your ally – joining forces with you to protect your organization, staff, constituents, and donors. Done right, an audit can increase the performance, sustainability, and fiscal responsibility of your organization.

The “Nonprofit Audit Pocket Guide” provides before, during, and after audit guidelines for accountants, CFOs, and audit teams at nonprofit organizations of all sizes. It includes tips, facts, and best practices. Additionally, this guidebook provides:

  • Additional key resources
  • Common issues and recommendations typically cited by an audit
  • Items to gather in preparation for an annual audit
  • Examples of what the auditors are doing during the audit
  • Steps your organization’s leadership and finance teams must follow after the audit

Download the “Nonprofit Audit Pocket Guide” now to get your handy guidebook for before, during, and after the audit process.

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