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Member Management Solutions for Ending Repetitive Tasks

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How Abila netFORUM Enterprise™ Association Management Software Can Help

Does repeating the same member management tasks make you feel like Bill Murray’s character in the movie “Groundhog Day?” Conducting some of the same repetitive tasks over and over takes time away from your association’s mission and can drive you crazy.

Well, it doesn’t have to feel like Groundhog Day anymore at your association!

Wake up to a whole new dawn with Abila netFORUM Enterprise™. Our association management software can ensure you’re free from the same-old, same-old, so you can focus on what’s really important – increasing community engagement, enhancing your association’s value, and generating more revenue.

Learn how to stop endless repetitive member management tasks and escape work deja vu with Abila netFORUM Enterprise software. You’ll move from:

  • Uploading and downloading email lists → to a connected, synced email marketing system
  • Manually processing payments → to an automatic account updater
  • Updating member info → to a synced, self-service, online member portal
  • Identifying disengaged (or super-engaged) members → to member engagement scoring with A-Score™
  • Renewing memberships → to auto-membership renewal with auto-pay

Download this whitepaper now to learn how to end the madness with the help of netFORUM association management software.

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