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Managing the Challenges of Nonprofit Programs and Services

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Many nonprofit organizations run programs and services as a means of fulfilling their mission and generating revenue. These services solidify your organization as a valued part of the community.

If managing fee-for-service programs is part of your daily world, true fund accounting software is critical to your success. But, how do you know if it will benefit your organization? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do we need to track by program and recipient to ensure timely and accurate billing?
  • Can we respond quickly to billing inquiries?
  • Is our financial software able to create segments to allocate grants across multiple programs and fiscal years?
  • Are we able to customize reports to reflect what each of our stakeholders needs?

These are just a few of the requirements to run fee-for-service programs and receive grants. Want to see how your software stacks up? Download our short paper, “Managing the Challenges of Nonprofit Programs and Services” and learn more.

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