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Engage Members at Association Events Using Social Media

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25 Ways to Use Social Media Before, During, and After Your Event

Breathe virtual life into your next in-person event with an engaging social media strategy. Social media can be a powerful promotion and engagement force for associations and membership organizations to connect with members before, during, and after events. Social media platforms add an extra level of interaction, not just for conference goers, but also for members who’re interested, yet unable to attend your association’s event.

The benefits of a conference social strategy extend far beyond the event itself – it can help associations or membership organizations build brand awareness with member prospects, sponsors, and partners. In this whitepaper, we share a list of 25 ways every association or membership organization should be using social media before, during, and after events.

In this collection of social media best practices, you will learn:

  • Pre-event tactics to promote registration and attendee engagement
  • Live event ideas to amplify your brand, improve the attendee experience, and engage non-attendees
  • Post-event tips to prep your attendees for their next interaction with your association

Take event interaction to the next level with an engaging social media strategy. Download this list of 25 ways to use social media to connect with members surrounding your next event.

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