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Discovering Super Members Data Tip Sheet

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4 Steps to Measure Member Engagement

With members serving as the lifeblood of any membership organization, it’s no question member engagement is crucial. Associations and other membership-based organizations that consistently engage members not only maintain strong retention, but also have leverage to drive revenue, boost event attendance, improve advocacy efforts, and more. However, some association professionals report their organizations are not tracking member engagement at all, citing reasons such as lack of membership tracking software and limited resources. Many associations that do track member engagement only understand the organization’s performance at a very high level.

It’s becoming increasingly necessary for professional associations and other membership-based organizations to not only measure member engagement, but to go beyond the high level to a more detailed view of both overall membership and individual members. This personal view of a member’s engagement is necessary to achieve the deep, meaningful relationships that will drive an association’s long-term success. With the right membership management software, associations can identify highly-engaged members, or “Super Members,” who can then be used to engage other members and potential members.

The evolution of association technology, coupled with the massive amount of data to which membership organizations have access, can make any association staffer’s head spin. This Data Tip Sheet serves as a guide to help you measure member engagement and make the most out of the data living in your association management system (AMS).

Download, “Discovering Super Members: 4 Steps to Measure Member Engagement,” and read tips for using your membership software to measure member engagement, including how to:

  • Assemble your data points
  • Develop successful member engagement metrics
  • Score member engagement metrics
  • Turn membership engagement data into action
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