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5 Steps to Increasing Member Engagement

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Effectively Engage Members and Grow a Stronger Association

It’s not enough for associations and other member-driven organizations to have strong member acquisition plans. Member loss is an increasing challenge; thus, a successful member retention strategy is equally critical to overall mission success and organizational sustainability. If you are like many associations and other member-driven organizations, you have made increasing member engagement your top goal. You will need an effective member engagement plan. The right member engagement plan can help virtually every area of your organization and create a stronger association. We’ve put together an actionable list of steps to help you get members more involved and committed to your association.

Read, “5 Steps to Increasing Member Engagement,” to discover how to:

  • Define member engagement paths
  • Get members more involved
  • Use association management software to score your member relationships
  • Target high-potential members
  • Enhance your member communication
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