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5 Signs You Need to Upgrade to a True Fund Accounting Solution

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Has Your Organization Outgrown its Small Business Accounting Solution?

If you’re wondering if your organization has outgrown its current small business accounting system, chances are it has!

It may have worked for a while to adapt small business accounting software to meet the needs of your small nonprofit, but there’s only so much a small business accounting system can do for a nonprofit organization. Many nonprofits opt to manage accounting operations with small business software, such as QuickBooks, but as the organization grows, the organization ends up suffering from the lack of reporting capabilities offered in those accounting systems. Sound familiar?

Read our whitepaper to help you see all of the signs you’ve outgrown your accounting software. As you evaluate your current accounting software, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it difficult (or impossible) to audit?
  • Can it really handle multiple data elements?
  • Does it offer the reporting or business intelligence board members expect?
  • Can it perform nonprofit-specific accounting tasks?
  • Is IT support for the accounting system non-existent? Am I left wanting more?

This whitepaper helps you to explore your options of what you can achieve with a comprehensive accounting software solution designed specifically for the needs of nonprofits. Need help convincing your board that a change is justified? Good news, it offers guidance for that, too!

Don’t waste another second using the wrong accounting system for your nonprofit. Download our whitepaper now.

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