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The New Frontier of Association Membership

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Associations Embrace Alternative Membership Models

“I believe the times demand new invention, innovation, imagination, decision. I am asking each of you to be pioneers on that New Frontier.” – President John F. Kennedy

Though spoken decades ago, JFK’s words are still relevant today. From mobile, to Millennials, to freemium, and beyond, it’s no secret that association membership – and what membership means – are evolving. Association leaders who embrace innovation with new and alternative membership models are better able to offer the flexibility association members desire and expect.

Watch, “The New Frontier of Membership,” for an overview of nationwide trends in membership and association practices. Gain valuable information your association needs to prepare for what’s next, including:

  • Ideas at the forefront of alternative membership models
  • Changes in what association members find the most important
  • How to prioritize reach and engagement
  • How associations use technology to reach members
  • Popular alternative membership models gaining traction
  • ASAE’s 2016 model, and why it was chosen
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