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Association TMZ: Buzz Building, Hollywood Style

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Expand engagement and reach through viral brand awareness strategies

When big stories break, TMZ is first on the scene. In the world of the 24-hour news cycle, the eyes and ears it has across Hollywood’s Thirty-Mile Zone (hence its name) have knocked the mainstream entertainment press on its heels. TMZ reporters are irreverent, tuned in, and in just 10 years their little website has gone from punchline to punctuation mark on today’s celebrity-obsessed culture, with a valuation speeding past $55 million dollars.

Whether or not you’re a fan of TMZ’s style of media, it has celebrity publicists eating out of its proverbial hand, along with millions of viewers who can’t stop coming back for more. Think your organization has nothing in common with TMZ? Think again.

Join us for this fun-filled look beyond the scandal, as we explore the meteoric rise of America’s top gossip website, and how its unique brand of buzz building can help associations as they look to expand reach and drive engagement. You’ll learn how to:

  • Put breaking news to work for your organization, from creating awareness to driving action
  • Create and cultivate a network of sources to keep a pulse on emerging trends
  • Dig deep in your data to uncover the hot stories no one’s talking about yet
  • Target your content to members who want it the most, from email campaigns to focused user-experiences with hooks sure to keep their attention
  • Tap into fresh audiences and new perspectives with strategic partnerships

… and much more!


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