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The Membership of Things

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Drive Member Engagement with Integrated Technology and Personalized Content

Consumer behavior is changing in dramatic ways, and consumers expect all organizations with which they engage to keep pace. The consumerization of the association/member experience will have a tremendous impact on associations of all shapes and sizes, as members request more mobile, nimble, personalized, and efficient engagements, similar to the experiences they have with the likes of Amazon and Netflix.

A recent study by the ASAE Foundation found that associations often underestimate the technological savvy of their members, with only 9 percent of organizations reporting they manage their technology and tech integrations in innovative ways. Integrated systems allow your organization to collect and analyze aggregate data on all the content your members engage with, allowing you to deliver them personalized, highly-targeted messaging.

Join Amanda Myers, Abila’s Director of Member Strategy, for the on-demand webinar, “The Membership of Things,” to learn:

  • What communication channels have the highest impact with your members
  • How your membership base is interacting with your organization
  • Ways to create a meaningful dialogue with your members
    …. And much more!
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