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The Rocky Horror Membership Show

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Member Engagement Lessons From Dr. Frank-N-Furter

Abila looks for the light in the darkness in a fun-filled, G-rated exploration of the lessons your association can learn from the secret laboratories of spooktacular cult-classic, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” If you want something visual, that’s not too abysmal, this is the presentation for you!

Join Amanda Myers, Abila’s Director of Member Strategy and resident mad scientist, as she looks to fan favorite Dr. Frank-N-Furter and our recent study for new ways to help you keep control, including how to:

  • Leverage alternate membership models, online learning programs, and access to networking opportunities to draw members into your very own “Frankenstein Place”
  • Welcome apprehensive new members like Brad and Janet, and ensure they’re engaged from Day One
  • Collect the essential pieces of information to bring your idea of the perfect member to life
  • Avoid dynamic tension with long-term members like Riff-Raff and Magenta, ensuring they don’t blast off and get lost in space
  • … And more

It’s astounding! Time is fleeting and madness takes its toll, but listen closely and you’ll learn some great tips for engaging members.

Costumes, bread throwing, and singing along are highly encouraged (and we promise the entire presentation is G-rated).

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