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Preparing Your Nonprofit for EOY Success

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EOY Fundraising Plan

The end-of-year (EOY) nonprofit fundraising season accounts for more than one-third of overall giving, with some nonprofit organizations collecting between 40 and 70 percent of their annual contributions during that time. As a nonprofit fundraiser, you must be poised and ready if you want your EOY fundraising campaign to excel.

That’s precisely why successful fundraisers don’t wait for the leaves to change colors to get started on their end-of-year campaigns. Plan now, and reap the figurative and literal rewards this winter!

Let Fundraising Strategist Rich Dietz and Abila Product Manager Jamy Squillace help you to prepare your nonprofit to capitalize on the end-of-year giving season.

Watch our EOY fundraising webinar to discover:

  • Action items and specific strategies for each month, from now through the end of the year
  • Tips for selecting the right tools to maximize your EOY efforts
  • Important prep work you need to do, such as auditing your website, planning your editorial calendar, developing donor personas, and more
  • A case study of a nonprofit that used many of these strategies to transform its organization into an “online fundraising machine”

Kick-start your end-of-year nonprofit fundraising campaign! Watch the webinar for tips and strategies to prepare now for EOY fundraising success.

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