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Power Targeting Your Nonprofit Donor Database

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Donor Segmentation Strategies That Raise More Money

Don’t send the same old tired appeal to your whole donor database, crossing your fingers that a few recipients will respond with donations to your nonprofit organization. You can raise more money another way. Energize your nonprofit fundraising efforts with power targeting!

One of the key ways your nonprofit can drive donor retention is through optimized segmentation. But you must go beyond segmenting by donation amount to get more out of your nonprofit fundraising efforts. Give your appeals strength, inspire donations, and treat every donor like a major donor® through power targeting!

Watch this recorded fundraising webinar, presented by Eleventy Marketing Group’s VP of Strategy and Development, Angie Moore, and Abila’s Brandy Keller. Discover the powerful donor engagement data points you need to harvest and analyze in your donor management system so you can better target your donors and communicate with them more effectively.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Trends in donor engagement and retention
  • Advanced segmentation strategies for better targeting
  • How to identify who is ready to give
  • How to find and re-engage at-risk donors
  • Three strategies for power donation forms

Download this nonprofit fundraising webinar now to learn donor segmentation strategies that will help you raise more money!  The time you spend watching this video pales in comparison with what your nonprofit organization will gain from power targeting your donor database.


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