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Overcoming the Challenges of Multiple, Diverse Funding Sources

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Managing Funds with True Fund Accounting

Programs, grants, and contributions are critical sources of revenue for many nonprofits, but they carry with them a heavy burden of monitoring and accountability. Proper allocation, tracking, and reporting are essential to ensure your organization receives ongoing funding. The best way to manage your revenue and grants – and keep up with regulatory and financial tracking laws – is to make sure your accounting is accurate to the penny, while not causing delays in cash flow.

If managing funding from multiple sources – including grants, programs, and contributions – is key to your success, true fund accounting™ software is essential to your nonprofit. A segmented account structure means you can track every dollar, and customize your reports to meet the requirements stipulated by each source. Don’t turn away money because you don’t have a system in place to manage the increased accounting burden!

Watch this informative webinar to better understand the issues associated with receiving funding from multiple sources, And, discover the tools MIP Fund Accounting™ provides to organizations to lessen these problems.

Topics include:

  • The challenges of managing funding from diverse sources
  • Understanding audits, reporting, and compliance
  • What true fund accounting™ software does to combat the problems inherent with managing funding sources and reporting requirements
  • A real-life case study of an organization that overcame the issues associated with managing funding from multiple sources
  • Demo of how MIP Fund Accounting™ can help with these issues and set you free to focus on your mission


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