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Online Fundraising: Amplify Your Digital Asks

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Digital Fundraising Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

Amp up your digital fundraising appeals and increase donations to your nonprofit organization with power targeting and superior emails! By creating detailed personas, precise segments, and spot-on messaging, you’ll have better appeals, greater ROI, and increased revenue for your nonprofit.

Fundraising Strategist, Cheryl Black, and Informz Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Vivian Swertinski, show you how to increase nonprofit fundraising and bring in more revenue with proper donor analysis and website tracking.

Based on data from the Donor Engagement Study and Donor Loyalty Study, learn how to transition donors to loyal donors. With this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How content affects donations
  • How donors are targeted
  • When to use formal/informal invitations
  • Benefits of donor giving history
  • Email testing strategies and the results from 5,800 subject line tests
  • Examples of high performance emails
  • How to tailor personal messages to your nonprofit supporters

Additionally, watch the webinar to amplify your digital asks by learning to:

  • Improve data and segments
  • Make great impressions
  • Automate email campaigns
  • Keep conversations going
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