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Nonprofit Fundraising: Where Wealth Meets Social

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Combining Wealth and Social Insights to Acquire and Retain New Donors

The average donor attrition is a staggering 57 percent. So, if your nonprofit fundraising campaign brought in 100 new donors, by this time next year, that number would be down to 63. And, a year after that, fewer than 40 of those donors would still be supporting your nonprofit mission.

You work too hard to watch your donors just walk away! Instead, improve donor retention and increase your nonprofit fundraising results by developing a deep understanding of your donors, and building long-lasting, lucrative relationships with them.

In the pre-recorded webinar, “Where Wealth Meets Social,” Attentively’s CEO, Roz Lemieux, and WealthEngine’s Senior Marketing Director, Jessica Smith, explore:

  • Tailoring donor solicitations based on giving potential
  • Understanding donor interests through social listening
  • Personalizing the donor experience with your nonprofit for maximum retention
  • Acquiring new donors by combining wealth and social insights
  • Combining fundraising CRM with integrated solutions for a 360-degree view of your donors

Watch the webinar now to help you better understand your donors. Leave with tips for fostering stronger relationships between your nonprofit organization and wealthy donors.

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