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The Costco Effect Part 1: Membership Pricing and Packaging Strategies

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Creating Membership Models for Association Success

Costco is a retailer to be reckoned with. The secret to Costco’s success lies in its unique pricing and packaging strategy, which keeps shoppers coming back for more and fosters the continual climb of profits. Associations can capitalize on this trend by adopting hybrid membership models to address changing member demands.

Members, especially Millennials (who now comprise the largest demographic in the workforce), want to pick and choose the benefits they want from your association. By offering strategically created models driven by member wants and needs your association can immediately deliver value and increase retention.

Join Amanda Myers, Abila’s Director of Member Strategy, for “The Costco Effect Part 1: Membership Pricing and Packaging Strategies.”

You’ll learn:

  • The art of creating hybrid membership models
  • Generational preferences for benefits throughout a member’s career journey
  • Strategic steps you can start implementing today to impact your association now and into the future

        … And more!


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