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Member Engagement Scoring for Large Associations

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Using Membership Tracking Software to Analyze and Score Member Relationships

As you know, member engagement is important to sustaining and growing your membership-based organization. Member engagement can also predict association membership renewals, members’ likelihood of recommending membership to peers, product purchases, event attendance, financial contributions, and more. Thus, membership tracking software becomes an important tool. It can help you understand how well your large association is responding to what you know your members are interested in, and how well you’re providing products and services that meet these interests. But, as you get into your membership software, you may be asking yourself, “How do I determine engagement?” And, “How do I make member engagement scoring work for me?”

In this 30-minute webinar, “Member Engagement Scoring for Larger Associations,” Abila’s Steve Werner discusses member engagement tracking, and answers questions people who work for large associations may ask themselves as they use their member management software to implement member engagement scoring for their organizations.

Interested in predicting your association’s membership renewal rates and/or event attendance? Want a series of emails to automatically be sent to any member who seems under-involved and in danger of non-renewal? Looking for correlations between member involvement in your association’s activities and their subsequent professional success?

Watch this webinar to find out how member engagement scoring supports these scenarios, while saving staff time and improving member satisfaction. Gain valuable tips for using your membership tracking software to implement member engagement scoring that works for you.

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