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Leveraging Social Media for Your Next Fundraising Event

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Social Media Tips, Tricks, and Time-Savers for Nonprofit Fundraisers

Do you have what it takes to leverage social media at your nonprofit fundraising events? Are you keeping the conversation going? Using productivity tools to save time?

John Clese joins forces with Social Media for Nonprofits’ Darian Rodriguez Heyman and Eventbrite’s Laura Huddle to present a session about how social media tools can be leveraged for nonprofit fundraising. Throughout the webinar you’ll learn concrete tips, tricks, and time-savers for leveraging social media to maximize engagement and ensure the most success at your nonprofit fundraising events.

Watch the webinar and you’ll discover:

  • How to understand the event ticket lifecycle
  • How to properly tie data together
  • How to leverage social media before, during, and after your event
  • When people are more driven to share posts
  • Productivity tools
  • How to keep conversations going

Don’t wait to get the most out of your nonprofit fundraising events! Learn how to leverage social media before, during, and after your next fundraising event. Watch the webinar now to gain actionable information you can use.

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