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Growing Strategically: How to Manage New Revenue Streams and Reporting Requirements

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Funding and Preparation for Complex Reporting

Many nonprofits are looking to expand their funding sources out of necessity as their communities and missions are growing. Whether your organization is seeking new opportunities for grant funding or exploring new ways to earn revenue, it’s important you plan ahead for the burden of additional reporting and compliance requirements. There can also be a higher level of scrutiny of these new revenue sources adding new operational, oversight, and training needs.

This webinar focuses on the impact of expanding into new revenue streams and how to best prepare for more complex reporting and expense management. We discuss how to:

  • Develop processes and workflows for maintaining and tracking expanding revenue streams
  • Prepare staff to track and report on operational and payroll expenses funded by various sources
  • Identify technology requirements for managing multiple revenue sources

View this one hour, live webinar and learn more. And, if you want to gain more information on the complexities of nonprofit growth, download our research paper: Nonprofit Finance Study: Managing Growth.

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