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Gen X Files: The Truth is Out There

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Personalize and Target Content to Engage Members of Gen X

They created grunge, survived the transition from cassettes to CDs, witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, and lived through the birth of the internet. They’re often misunderstood, labeled as cynics, and frequently overlooked. They’re a “lost” generation, now serving as leaders within our communities, executives of our businesses, and parents to tomorrow’s adults. But who is Generation X? What do they want? How can we engage with them as integral members of our association base and influencers with strong opinions and deep perspectives?

The truth is out there.

You’ll learn:

  • Engagement and communication preferences to better target and segment this unique audience
  • New research findings on how members of Generation X interact with continuing education and advocacy efforts
  • Best practices for increasing retention and involvement with your association in leadership roles

… And much more!


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