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Fundraising Webinar: What Really Matters to Donors?

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Donor Engagement Study Findings

What makes your donors feel most engaged? What encourages long-term loyalty? What really matters to your donors? The Donor Engagement Study asked 1,263 donors these questions, and got back real answers; many that may surprise you.

In this pre-recorded webinar, “What Really Matters? Donor Engagement Study Findings,” Abila’s Rich Dietz and Tad Druart walk you through the results from the Donor Engagement Study to help you better align your nonprofit strategy with donor preferences. You’ll discover:

  • Donors’ top priorities when giving
  • Which actions inspire donor loyalty
  • Donor communication preferences by generation
  • Opportunities for improved donor interactions

Watch the webinar now to find out what really matters to those who donate to nonprofit organizations. Walk away with donor management action items for your nonprofit.

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