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Fundraising Webinar: Demystifying Millennial Donors

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How Millennials Engage with Nonprofits Differently

Who are Millennials? What sets them apart from other generations of donors who give to nonprofit organizations?

While you may be tired of hearing about Millennials, it’s this generation of donors who engage with nonprofits differently than any other generation. And, based on the Donor Loyalty Study, 10 percent of high-wealth donors are in the Millennial generation, making their potential to give strong enough to ensure Millennials are a key group to target in nonprofit fundraising efforts. But what is it about Millennials that you really need to know to connect and engage with Millennial donors?

In this nonprofit fundraising webinar, “Demystifying Millennial Donors,” Fundraising Consultant, Rich Dietz, and Abila Senior Product Manager, Brandy Keller, uncover key findings about Millennial donors from the Donor Loyalty Study. Presenters discuss Millennials’ shared history, giving trends, communication preferences, and much more, including:

  • Preferred causes Millennial donors like to support
  • Attitudes toward religion and faith-based religious institutions
  • The role of volunteerism, and how it affects donor behavior
  • Tips for making more meaningful connections with Millennials
  • Attitudes toward personalization

Watch this nonprofit fundraising webinar now to learn the most you can about Millennial donors, based on the results of our Donor Loyalty Study. Leave with pro tips nonprofit fundraisers can use to engage with these donors and get ahead of the changes this generation will make to the rules of donor engagement.

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