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Fundraising Webinar: Building High-Wealth Donor Loyalty

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Nonprofit Fundraising Tips for Converting Major Donors

With $200,000-plus in annual household income, high-wealth donors can significantly impact a nonprofit’s bottom line, and thus, overall mission delivery. When nonprofit fundraisers approach wealthy donors in the right way, it can pay big dividends. Conversely, fundraising missteps with these high-rollers can cause irreparable damage to your nonprofit organization. Based on findings from the special section of the Donor Loyalty Study dedicated to high-wealth donors, discover how your nonprofit fundraisers can better initiate, nurture, and maximize on these important relationships.

In this webinar, Fundraising Strategist, Rich Dietz, and Major Gifts Consultant, Amy Eisenstein, provide a quick overview of the high-wealth donor data from the Donor Loyalty Study, along with tips your nonprofit fundraisers can use to engage and nurture donors who have the income to donate major gifts to your organization. Presenters will discuss how nonprofit fundraisers can:

  • Determine major gift levels for your nonprofit organization
  • Create fundraising strategies to move donors up into major gifts
  • Rate your donor prospects and make a cultivation plan
  • Solicit donations from wealthy donors
  • Nurture donors and create loyalty

Watch this webinar now to get the information your nonprofit fundraisers need to cultivate strong relationships with high-wealth donors.

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