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Fundraising Tips for More Effective Donor Communication

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Tailoring Messages to Engage Your Entire Fundraising Audience

Every fundraiser faces the challenge of growing loyal donors. None of us will ever scoff at the one-time donation or casual donor, but to build that ongoing relationship that converts a one-time donor to a lifetime donor is the ultimate goal of anyone managing a constituent database. Our Abila Fundraising Online™ (AFO) solution moves you beyond a simple “Donate Now” button. Let us help you dive deeper into donor engagement, starting with steps you can take to communicate more effectively and learn from each year’s results.

In this nonprofit fundraising webinar, Abila Account Executive, Lisa Morris, shows you how to get back to the basics by making your message relevant across your entire fundraising audience.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • How to segment your donor data according to your organization’s strategic plan and donor behaviors
  • The top six donor behavioral segments
  • How to adjust your nonprofit fundraising efforts to prevent donor “tune-out”
  • Donor management strategies for managing segments and cultivating highly-engaged donors with consistent, targeted marketing
  • Donor management strategies for effective donor tracking and tagging

Don’t let your donors tune you out. Implement strategies that will make your donors tune in to your nonprofit organization. Watch this webinar now for nonprofit fundraising and donor management tips you can use.

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