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Fund Accounting and Donor Management: Working Hand-in-Hand

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Maximize Your Donor Contributions

Accounting and donor management may seem to occupy different universes, but in reality, both teams work better when they work together. Fortunately, donor management and accounting processes and systems can be configured to support this collaboration. If your organization relies on consistent and accurate donor information, then true fund accounting™, working in conjunction with your donor management solution, is key to your success.

Without a consistent data structure and a smooth hand-off between systems, accounting teams spend hours doing duplicate data entry and chasing inconsistencies, while fundraisers struggle to provide donors with the accurate reports and proof of compliance necessary for strong relationships and repeat donations. Nonprofits also need to be able to manage seasonal, event, and other spikes in giving effectively to avoid problems down the road.

Join our expert, Heidi Kelley, Senior Solution Consultant, for this informative webinar to better understand how true fund accounting™ software supports strong business processes that scale up during spikes in giving, as well as position your organization for growth. And, discover the tools MIP Fund Accounting™ provides to organizations to lessen common problems.

Topics include:

  • What true fund accounting™ software does to combat the problems inherent with contributions
  • A real-life case study of an organization that overcame the issues associated with managing contributions
  • Demo of how MIP Fund Accounting™ can help with these issues and set you free to focus on your mission

Get a head start before the webinar and download our short paper, “Maximizing Donor Contributions: Hand-in-Hand: Fund Accounting and Donor Management” and discover more!

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