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Focus on Millennial Learners

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How and why you want to gain and retain Millennial Learners

Millennials have been called the “me generation” because of their reputation for caring only about themselves. That may or may not be true, but the time is now for you to care about them. Why? Because Millennials today make up not only the largest living generation, but the largest generation within the U.S. labor force, surpassing Generation X in 2015. As the millennial influence continues to grow, these young learners are redefining education programs, innovation in technology, and content development and consumption.

While your association shouldn’t neglect the needs of members across all generations, you must consider what impact the millennial member shift will have on the effectiveness and success of your learning programs. Their increasing influence will shape the broader business landscape and drive new behaviors, in turn affecting how associations attract, engage, retain, and serve its members.

Watch as we take a closer look at the challenges of attracting and retaining millennial learners. We will take a deep dive into millennial education preferences and tactics for how to target them with pricing, content, program types and more. You will walk away with engagement strategies that will not only meet the needs of millennials, but will bring in money for your organization

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