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Finish Strong With EOY Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns

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Tips for Capitalizing on EOY Giving Cycles

After months of EOY fundraising, or end-of-year fundraising campaign planning, it’s tempting to go on autopilot. However, smart nonprofit fundraisers know the last eight weeks of the year are crucial for overall fundraising success. There’s a reason why it’s called the Season of Giving! Aside from holiday gift-giving traditions, this is the time of year when many donors like to make their final donations for tax deductions. So, it’s time to power through and finish the year strong!

In this nonprofit fundraising webinar, Fundraising Strategist, Rich Dietz, and Product Manager, Brandy Keller, share tips to help nonprofit fundraisers capitalize on the end-of-year giving cycles with a solid end-of-year fundraising campaign. Presenters review a helpful checklist of end-of-year fundraising action items to tackle before the New Year.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • #GivingTuesday winning fundraising strategies
  • Tips for developing and testing key donor personas
  • Online and offline solicitation tactics
  • How to nurture new donors beyond end-of-year

Watch this EOY nonprofit fundraising webinar to get more expert advice that will help your nonprofit fundraisers end the year strong.

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