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Event-Free Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Nonprofits

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Webinar: P2P Fundraising Ideas and Examples

A full 81 percent of donors are comfortable with peer-to-peer fundraising appeals, but nonprofit fundraisers are often discouraged by the laborious logistics of traditional run, walk, and ride events. Good news: Peer-to-peer fundraising doesn’t have to be event-dependent! And now, thanks to online fundraising tools like Abila Fundraising Online™ (AFO), it’s that much easier for your supporters to promote your nonprofit in their social networks.

Watch the recorded P2P fundraising webinar, presented by Fundraising Strategist Rich Dietz, to find out just how easy it is to add peer-to-peer campaigns to your nonprofit fundraising strategy, and what options exist for doing it without the traditional run, walk, and ride. You’ll discover:

  • What P2P fundraising is and why it’s so powerful
  • Three event-free peer-to-peer fundraising campaign ideas
  • Real-life examples of successful event-free P2P fundraising
  • The number one way to ensure repeat success

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain new supporters for your nonprofit organization and raise more money using peer-to-peer fundraising. Watch the webinar now to learn more.

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