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Engaging Donors Online With Fundraising Software

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Online Fundraising Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

If you’re a nonprofit fundraising professional looking to further engage donors with online fundraising, you’ve come to right place. In this webinar, “Building Better Relationships Online With Abila Fundraising Online,” Abila Business Development Manager, Ellen Tucker, discusses the following:

  • The online fundraising process
  • Fundraising online – what we knew then and what we know now
  • How to use the right tools for fundraising online
  • Maximizing your resources – let the online fundraising software do the work for you
  • Rethinking forms as opportunities to engage constituents for donations
  • Examples of Abila customers who are effectively using online fundraising software to engage their audiences

Abila Fundraising Online™ provides you the avenues for peer-to-peer fundraising, event fundraising, and more, from a single product. View this webinar for tips on using online fundraising software to collect donations, collect event registrations, and more, directly from your website.

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