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Discover Super Members in Your Organization

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Maximize Your Member Data Strategy

The evolution of association management technology, coupled with the massive amount of data to which membership organizations have access, can make any association staffer’s head spin. Your members are expecting you to understand them on a much deeper level than ever before, while your membership data continues to pile up to the point that analyzing it seems to be an insurmountable task you’re avoiding at all costs.

Sound familiar? If so, watch this member management webinar to learn three strategies to make your membership data more meaningful, and ultimately define what a “Super Member” looks like for your association or membership organization.

In “Discover Super Members: Maximizing Your Data Strategy” we’ll discuss:

  • How to use your association management system (AMS) as a strategic tool versus a database of a record
  • Integration strategies that produce high return on investment (ROI) and maintain data integrity
  • Tips on how to use metrics to better target and segment your content

Meet Your Presenter: Carlos Restrepo, Senior Director of Sales at Abila


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