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Digging Deeper Into Donor Loyalty

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Nonprofit Fundraising Tips From the Donor Loyalty Study

Wouldn’t you like to know what makes donors tick? Now you can! Discover how, where, and why donors give to nonprofit organizations, as reported in the Donor Loyalty Study.

In this nonprofit fundraising and donor management webinar, Fundraising Consultant, Rich Dietz, and Senior Product Manager, Brandy Keller, dig deep into the data from the Donor Loyalty Study. Nonprofit fundraisers who watch this webinar will receive valuable insight into the attitudes and behaviors of nonprofit donors, including:

  • Top reasons donors give to nonprofit organizations
  • When donors are more likely to give to nonprofits
  • What role nonprofit events and volunteering play
  • What types of content donors really like to consume
  • What makes a good event or volunteer opportunity for donors
  • The role of personalization in donor engagement

Watch this webinar to understand what makes nonprofit donors tick. Walk away with valuable tips nonprofit fundraisers can use to cultivate donor loyalty.

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