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Connect with Association Members of Every Age

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From Millennials to Boomers: Understand Your Members’ Needs Across Generations

Are you using a “one-size-fits-all” approach to connect with and engage members across your entire association’s member base? You might be missing out on what your members truly want and need. There’s no doubt today’s professional association staffers have their work cut out for them. From a booming technology evolution, to endless social media opportunities, to a workforce made up of four generations, it’s no wonder there are misalignments between professional association member wants and association offerings.

We have news for you. Your members’ age and career stage do matter! The benefits and value members get from being part of a professional association change, grow, and evolve as members age and advance in their careers. In this webinar, association thought leader and Founding Partner of WorkXO and Culture That Works LLC, Jamie Notter, and Abila’s Director of Member Strategy, Amanda Myers, review the generational data from Abila’s Member Engagement Study to help you understand what association members need across three key generations within the typical professional association membership base: Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers.

Watch this webinar to understand:

  • Reasons why members of every career stage join and stay with associations
  • Generational communication and content preferences
  • Complexities of marketing to and engaging with Millennials
  • Onboarding and retention strategies that will set your association apart

Learn how to connect with your association members at every age. Watch the webinar now for a deeper look at data from each of these generations to discover what really makes them tick.

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