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Build an Online Fundraising Machine for Your Nonprofit

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Lessons From the Lexington Humane Society and Donor Engagement Study

Did you know the Lexington Humane Society raised $68,546 online in just three months and saved 17 staff hours per month by reclaiming its online donation forms and building a focused web strategy?

With a small staff, this medium-sized nonprofit organization decided to change, and is now doing more with less. Many organizations are struggling to raise the money needed to provide services, while doing it all with a limited budget. Discover how you can build an online fundraising machine at your nonprofit organization!

In this webinar, Lexington Humane Society’s Social Media and Graphics Coordinator, Emily Tolliver, and Fundraising Strategist, Rich Dietz, discuss some of the data points from the Donor Engagement Study and share tips for building stronger relationships with donors.

Examples of what you’ll learn:

  • Main reasons donors give to nonprofits
  • How content affects donations
  • Why donors “give up” before making a donation
  • What challenges Lexington Humane Society faced, and how the nonprofit organization turned things around
  • The benefits of using landing pages versus micro-sites
  • Tips for improving donor experiences

Watch the webinar to learn how Lexington Humane Society created an online fundraising machine, and apply this information to your nonprofit fundraising, so you can do the same!

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