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Bridging the Association Membership and Content Gap

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Key Integration Strategies for Association Management and Learning Management Systems

Membership and content are two core assets that drive the purpose behind any association. When leveraged in unison, each can really enhance the way the other works. But for many, the gap between membership, content, and your management systems continues to grow wider and wider – so wide, it can seem like the elements aren’t even connected. Let us help you build a bridge to successfully close the breach with our webinar, “Bridging the Association Membership and Content Gap.”

In this webinar, association thought leader and technology expert, Ryan Graham, takes a deep dive into association membership and content.

You’ll learn:

  • New reasons behind the ongoing struggle for associations to maintain relevance, keep members, and attract new members
  • The shift in association member needs and expectations
  • The role membership fills for the association member
  • How to put the association member first and foremost
  • Ways in which you can use content to meet your members’ needs

Watch the webinar and walk away with valuable information you need to actively bridge the membership and content gap for your association.

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