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Fraud Detection With Abila MIP Fund Accounting™

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Catch Fraud Before it Catches Your Nonprofit Organization

Did you know every year nonprofit organizations lose more than $40 billion to fraud committed by employees? Without the right tools in place, your organization is at risk from losing the money you work so hard to earn to move your mission forward. Fraudulent activity can occur in an organization every day, perpetrated by the people you trust most. Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ alerts you of potential fraudulent activities that would otherwise go unnoticed. Abila MIP™ software will also:

•    Monitor employees’ system activities
•    Automatically revoke system upon termination of employee
•    Assign a vendor to a user to report, monitor, and audit on vendors’ activities, including resetting passwords
•    Provide extra security for vendors’ and employees’ bank account information
•    Help auditors navigate user activity

Some 20 percent of nonprofit organizations experience a loss in revenue due to fraud. Don’t be one of them.

Find out how you can catch fraud before it catches you.